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Air Abrasion

close shot of smileAir abrasion is a terrific technology that provides comfortable, easy, and gentle decay removal in preparation for a dental filling. Many patients compare air abrasion to a miniature sand blaster. Our air abrasion unit sprays tiny abrasive particles in a very precise pattern, at a variable speed and density. The gentle spray effectively removes decay, while leaving healthy tooth structure alone. You likely won’t require anesthesia during drill-less decay removal with air abrasion. We simply spray the decay away!

Presently, we use air abrasion to treat new, small cavities, to clean teeth prior to preventive sealants, and occasionally to remove old white fillings. At this time, air abrasion cannot be used to remove existing silver fillings. But with the research being performed using different particles, this may be a function for air abrasion in the future.

The combination of DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection and air abrasion decay removal has totally changed the way dentists evaluate and treat cavities. DIAGNOdent enables the earliest possible diagnosis, and air abrasion provides conservative, comfortable treatment without shots or drilling.

Dentists who use air abrasion are much more likely to treat decay earlier and more conservatively. This approach provides a tremendous benefit, as you may require fewer dental procedures performed. The dental work you do receive is likely to be more comfortable and longer lasting.

Air abrasion technology provides a good example of the kind of top-tier dentistry that we provide. This patient-friendly tool enables me to do a better job in a more conservative manner.

Additionally, the technology is cost-effective. I am able to provide a higher level of care for the same fee as I charge for a traditional filling. Air abrasion has been, and will continue to be, a win-win situation for dentists and patients alike for many years to come.