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We're Moving!!!!

As part of our continuous efforts to provide the best dental care possible, in approximately 4 months we will be relocating about 150 feet up N. McDowell Blvd..

The new office will incorporate state-of-the-art technology, and we have planned for future developments. Still, it will feel very much like our current office, with the same great staff that take care of you now.

As always, when we consider changes, we strive to constantly improve our care, while maintaining affordable fees. Technology frequently lets us accomplish both goals. Some examples include our same-day crowns with Cerec technology, laser gum surgery, optical scanners, and nanoparticle fillings. All allow us to provide better care, at less cost to you than traditional methods. Win-Win!

We will update you a few times with progress reports on the construction, so it won't be a surprise the day we move. And your appointment communications will have reminders of the move once it happens.

We appreciate your confidence in us and strive to be deserving of your referrals of friends and family.

Bob Koenitzer DDS
Austin Hartford DMD
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