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Advanced Surgical Microscopes

elderly woman wearing polka dot shirtSurgical operating microscopes are an incredible technology utilized by less than 1% of general dentists. In our office, we have three microscopes that I use to deliver efficient, precise care.

Back in 2007, I saw microscopes at a dental convention. I was astounded at what I could see using the high-power device. Microscopes opened a whole new world to me: the world of the hyper-magnified. I spent four hours that day going back and forth looking at several different brands of microscopes. I was mesmerized, and I knew immediately that my patients deserved this technology.

Surgical operating microscopes allow me to work on teeth at up to 20X magnification. Look down at your thumbnail. That is about the size of a typical tooth. Now multiply that by 20X. Imagine how much more precise a dentist can be when working on something as gigantic as that.

For dentists, or any surgeon, the limiting factor is vision. We can do what we can see. Think of how hard it can be to put a piece of thread through the eye of a needle. Imagine the eye of the needle and the thread 20X bigger. Now it becomes similar to threading a piece of rope through a basketball hoop. It is like that for me all day long. Precise, detailed, challenging procedures are now amazingly easy.

When you receive dental care, or any medical or surgical procedure, precision is of the utmost importance. Any technological advancement that allows a higher level of precision promotes better results and more conservative treatment. No other technology exists that enhances precision like surgical operating microscopes.

In my opinion, surgical operating microscopes allow a good dentist to become a great dentist.