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Patient Comfort

Studies show that almost 50% of the population avoids regular dental visits. A large factor contributing to this statistic is fear of discomfort.

Modern dental care should be comfortable for you. We will go to great lengths to make sure your visits are as calm and stress free as possible. The most important part of this rests in our making a conscious, ongoing effort to treat you as we would treat guests visiting our homes for the first time.

Beyond the personal attention that my staff will provide, the office itself was designed and equipped with your comfort in mind. Everything from the floor plan, to the colors and furnishings, to the huge aquarium in the reception area, was planned to be soothing.

All of the treatment rooms have a TV in the ceiling with headsets. You can spend your entire visit watching a TV show or one of our many movies. This provides an entertaining distraction and makes time fly.

We have a wonderful new invention that utilizes a computer to help us deliver anesthetic so gently that most patients literally cannot feel a thing. Called The Wand, this computer-aided system delivers Novocain through the tiniest needle manufactured. If you dread injections, you will be pleasantly surprised at the comfort of The Wand.

We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas), which we provide for free, to help make your visits more relaxing. Nitrous oxide is extremely safe, and its effects diminish almost immediately following your treatment, so you can drive following your appointment.

I honestly think that the single biggest reason that my patients refer their friends and family to my office is because we are so careful to make their visits comfortable and pain free. We will do the same for you.