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Root Canal Therapy Revamps Petaluma Oral Health

man in striped shirt smilingRoot canals provide a painless, reliable way to save teeth that previously would have been extracted. The days of root canals being the torture depicted in movies is long gone.

Root canal therapy involves cleaning out the canals inside the roots of a tooth. In healthy teeth, these canals contain blood vessels and tiny nerves. However, large cavities, fractures, trauma, bruxism, and other factors can damage the blood supply and lead to inflammation, pain, and – eventually – infection.

New technology makes root canal therapy easy, safe, and comfortable. Nickel-titanium alloys are incredibly flexible and strong metals which allow me to effectively clean the inside of the roots while maintaining the natural internal shape. Special disinfecting solutions clean the irregular spaces that may be impossible to reach mechanically. When the canal system is completely free of tissue and bacteria, it is sealed with a rubber-like natural material called gutta percha to prevent future contamination.

Most root canals are completed in one visit, and they have a +95% success rate.