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Philosophy of Our Dental Care

When I first started dental school, I had a goal of becoming a dentist that my patients trusted. Making sure that my patients were comfortable during their treatment was my highest priority, as I knew that many people were afraid that their dental care would be an unpleasant experience.

Two decades later, dentistry is completely different than what I was taught at UCSF. I use lasers to vaporize bacteria that we were still discovering back then. I can design and make crowns on my computer while my patients wait. I use sophisticated microscopes to perform treatment at a level of precision that I did not imagine was possible.

But my core values remain unchanged. Making my patients dental visits comfortable is still my foremost goal. Being deserving of my patients’ trust is a core element of who I am.

"Patients don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

A mentor of mine, who was an amazingly talented dentist, told me that early in my career. I think that it is a timeless message that all doctors should take to heart.

Beyond comfort and trust, I want my patients to receive the best quality care I can provide at a reasonable cost. Every piece of equipment in my office has been very carefully chosen with several considerations in mind. First, does it provide a real improvement in the quality of care? Does it make treatment more efficient (no one likes longer than necessary dental visits)? Is it a more comfortable way to provide treatment? Is it cost effective for my patients?

I am constantly looking for ways to improve care for my patients. This is a major reason why I take a significant amount of continuing education classes every year. It is why I participate almost daily on an educational dental forum. New materials emerge continuously that allow thoughtful dentists to do treatment that will look better and last longer than ever before. New technology is changing dentistry in ways I couldn’t even imagine even 10 short years ago. When things emerge that will provide real value for my patients, I will continue to provide them. When new techniques become available, I will seek out the experts and get trained by them. Dentistry is a tremendously exciting field, and I love being a part of it. I look forward to seeing you in my office.