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Digital X-Rays

x-ray of full mouthOur office uses digital X-rays to help us diagnose dental disease. Digital radiography offers several advantages over traditional film X-rays. Two of the most important advantages are the extremely low radiation exposure experienced with digital dental X-rays and the ability for patients to immediately view the X-rays on a chairside monitor.

Digital dental X-rays emit 90% less radiation than traditional radiography and much less radiation than you are exposed to every day simply walking around. If you break your arm and receive only one X-ray at the hospital to diagnose it, that single X-ray is equivalent to receiving over 400 dental X-rays. Most patients will not receive 400 dental X-rays in their entire lives.

The other big advantage of digital X-rays lies in their ability to be viewed easily and immediately. We have 19-inch monitors to display your X-rays, making it easier for you to see what is going on with your teeth and supportive structures. The combination of digital X-rays and our intraoral video cameras lets you see and understand your level of oral health and the condition of your smile.

Other advantages exist which might not be quite as obvious. For example, digital radiography is a green technology. The chemicals involved in processing film X-rays require very special handling and disposal. Digital X-rays require no harsh developing chemicals. The images are instantly available for viewing, which allows us to make immediate adjustments to obtain the highest quality image and the most information possible.

Digital X-rays have been a very popular addition to our office. Every day, patients comment on how much they appreciate being able to see the images of their teeth so easily and clearly.