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Invisalign Clear Braces Straightens Petaluma Smiles

group of people laughingIf you have crooked front teeth but don’t want to endure the hassle of metal braces, Invisalign may be the right choice for you. Invisalign utilizes clear aligners to move teeth quickly, comfortably, and effectively. The thin aligners are clear and unobtrusive.

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High-Tech Design

Invisalign employs sophisticated technology to create a treatment plan to achieve your smile goals. First, we’ll make a model of your teeth using traditional dental impression material and take digital pictures and X-rays. Then, we’ll send this information to Align Technology to scan the impression and create a 3D image of your teeth. High-tech software allows for incremental planning of your treatment from start to finish. At this point, I will take the 3D image of your teeth and modify it as needed. Once I am satisfied with the results and the steps involved, I will invite you to the office to view the results.

You will first see an image of your teeth as they currently appear. Then you will watch the image transform into your dream smile. This image is viewable from any angle or viewpoint to let you see your teeth move in three dimensions. If you want, I can still modify the final result at this stage.

Up to this point, you have not committed to treatment, and there is no charge for the planning process (except a fee for X-rays). If you decide to move forward, I simply press a button on the screen and Align Technology begins the process of making your aligners.

Each set of aligners will move your teeth a maximum of a quarter of a millimeter in two weeks. The maximum amount of movement needed determines how many aligners your series will contain. For example, if one tooth needs to be moved three millimeters, you would need 12 aligners (12 x .25mm = 3mm). Since each aligner is worn for 2 weeks, total treatment time would be about 24 weeks (12 aligners x 2 weeks/aligner = 24 weeks).

Invisalign is a very nice option to move front teeth, in most cases. However, if back teeth require movement, then traditional braces may be more appropriate. There are also certain tooth movements that are difficult to achieve with Invisalign, so it is not appropriate for all cases. We will know after we analyze your models if Invisalign will work for you. If it is not an appropriate alternative for your needs, we offer other options, including Six Month Smiles and porcelain veneers. For traditional braces, I can refer you to a trusted orthodontist in the area.

Treatment time with Invisalign typically runs between 10 and 14 months and costs under $5,000.