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When Can You Get Dentures After Having Teeth Pulled?

August 9, 2023

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Are you currently recovering from a tooth extraction or planning for one? Various factors such as decay, trauma, or overcrowding can necessitate this procedure. If you’re experiencing gaps in your smile due to missing teeth, the concept of rejuvenating it with dentures could be quite appealing. Given that dentures are a widely used solution, you may be curious about the timeline for obtaining them after your teeth have been extracted. Continue reading to explore the timing for acquiring dentures following a tooth extraction.

What Happens After a Tooth Is Extracted?

After your dentist has skillfully completed the tooth extraction, the typical timeframe for gum healing spans approximately six to eight weeks. The recuperation of the underlying bone is a more extended process, usually taking around six to eight months to complete. It’s worth noting that individual healing rates can vary, so maintaining patience during this period is vital.

While many patients are keen to acquire their dentures promptly, it’s essential to adhere to your dentist’s recommendations for post-extraction care. Moreover, it’s crucial to refrain from smoking or engaging in any other detrimental habits that could impede the healing process.

How Long Should I Wait to Get Dentures After My Teeth Are Pulled?

On occasion, your dentist might propose temporary dentures to prevent your smile from appearing incomplete during the healing process. These interim replacements also aid in maintaining the strength of your jawbone and the contour of your mouth. Furthermore, temporary dentures enable patients to acclimate to eating and speaking with these restorations.

Typically, the standard healing period following a tooth extraction spans from six to eight weeks, and this duration is often suggested as the waiting period before obtaining dentures. Nevertheless, some dentists offer immediate dentures, which can be fitted on the same day as your tooth extraction. These immediate dentures do not disrupt the healing process and provide a speedy means of rejuvenating your smile.

What About Implant Dentures?

Patients seeking enduring stability may consider implant dentures as an ideal choice. This involves the insertion of dental implants through the gums into the jawbone, where they will gradually integrate over a period of approximately four to six months. There are various timing options available for the placement of these implants:

  • Immediate placement – Your dentist will implant these devices immediately following the tooth extraction. To make this option viable, your jaw and gums must be in good health and robust condition.
  • Early placement – This approach involves implant placement a few months after the tooth extraction, which is typically the recommended method. If a bone graft is required to enhance the strength of the jawbone, it can be performed within this timeframe.
  • Delayed placement – While patients can still qualify for implants even years later, those who postpone placement beyond six months are at a higher risk of encountering bone loss in the extraction area and potential complications.

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Dr. Bob Koenitzer is a highly skilled dentist with a wealth of experience in helping patients maintain strong and healthy smiles. Offering a comprehensive array of solutions for oral health concerns, including restorative options like dentures, Dr. Koenitzer can guide you in determining the ideal timeframe for dentures after a tooth extraction, ensuring the best possible outcomes for your smile’s well-being. For additional details about dentures or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koenitzer, please visit his website or call his office at (707) 241-4495.

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